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Advices for better cooperation

Advices for better cooperation

For better and constant cooperation between us, God willing, we recommend some advices:

Make a clear idea of your request, and the type of service required.

Send all the information you have about the application and you think may affect the desired result, it can be sent through the comments, discussions, or send attachments, does not matter attachment type,you can sent them handwritten, or pictures , or links, or any other files; because perception surrounding your request is an important factor to us, in order to make a special distinctive product for you.

In case you have a doubt or lack of clarity in the service type you want, you can Contact our staff, and they will communicate with you in order to determine the appropriate service to you.

When making a mistake in adding any product to your shopping cart, do not worry, it can be edited according to the service requested by our sales staff.

When we see the great results of our business, and the successes of our partnership with you , and the continuity of cooperation between us, we really see that, without the courtesy ,the most important gains.