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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

WEQUALITY site welcomes all visitors, and note that any visitor or customer visit the site or deal with it, it means that the full approval of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and understand it:

WEQUALITY ensures , God willing, confidential information about you in accordance with generally acceptedcontrols, including e-mail addresses, phone numbers and addresses.

WEQUALITY deals electronically so you agree to handle this by e-mail that you've put on the site.

All what is published in the site of texts, images, designs, shapes and logos, buttons, trademarks with differenttypes are of property of the site WEQUALITY or content suppliers and thus protected under intellectual property laws and the rights of copying and printing in force in Saudi Arabia and globally applicable.

When dealing with us, either visit or subscription, it means that you are interested in the confidentiality of your information, and ensure that they will not to be used illegally, and any defect or error in the use of such information, you are solely responsible for it full responsibility.

All the products offered by the site WEQUALITY are within the shipping agreement with the competent authorities and companies in order to be delevered to you, so the responsibility of the site ends by delivering the consignment to these agencies or companies.

Although WEQUALITY is trying hard to match the description and photos of products with the reality, but there may be some variation in size, shape, color, description, and location .WEQUALITY disclaims any liability towards this difference sincenot significant and ineffective.

Any product that bears the logo of any brand does not mean that the company bearing that mark may have manufactured the product.Unless we mentioned so.

Prices of products are varied from time to time, and WEQUALITY does not have to notify you of any change in prices, not to compensate who bought at a higher price earlier.

WEQUALITY cleared of any responsibility for the consequences of your use of or any of its services and products, and thus it is not responsible for any errors or problems or losses that may result from it whether it be directly or indirectly. Thus, WEQUALITY does not provide any guarantees whatsoever, and can not claim any compensation resulting directly or indirectly. As a user of the services of this website, you agree with that completely, and agreed to leave and deflect any legal or other claims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or outside, whatever the reasons. According to the decision of the Islamic Sharia.

WEQUALITY reserves the right to refuse to sell a product or restore or cancel login name in case of violation of these terms or a part of it.